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Marco Banderas

Hair: Black

Height: 6 ft 2 in (188 cm)

Weight: 201 lbs (91 kg)

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Marco Banderas has the Latino-Italo-Iberian male fuck-star persona down to an art. First he woos those bitches with his sweet romantic talk, causing their panties to soak through and their clits to get as hard as a corncob. Then he releases his bull of a cock and dares them to charge full speed ahead. He follows with some good old-fashioned mouth fucking, vag pounding, and anal slamming. Finally, he unloads his man-spunk in any number of places: their mouths, their faces, their tits, or their ass. He sometimes even creams their sweet pies. Marco is the type of male pornstar you call up when your sluts get tired of the average pasty dude. He packs a super-huge cock which makes chicks drool from all holes. He’s tough as nails and never lets them get away with anything short of a heavyweight hardcore sex-a-thon. He always whips up enough cream to keep those babes stuffed to the hilt until their next shoot. Marco was born in Uruguay and grew up in Barcelona, so he knows all the tricks from both sides of the ocean. One night, while he was out partying with his superhot wife, he met the infamous Nacho Vidal, who showed him the glory of professional porno fucking. Close to 2000 titles later and an AVN for Best Double Penetration Sex Scene, Marco is more on top of his game today than ever.

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